Swell Environmental Consulting works with clients and other consultants (e.g. engineers, landscape architects, architects, planners) to create a multi-disciplinary team that will design and implement your project. By creating an integrated team we are able to efficiently and effectively produce the best plan for your project:

  • in a timely manner, for permits and approvals
  • in consultation with regulatory agencies, public and/or other stakeholders, as needed
  • economically, by having all members of the design team present early in the process to produce cost efficiencies
  • ecologically, by using a whole system perspective to evaluate project options

We offer cost effective, personalized, scientifically-based consulting services and can assist you with the following tasks:

Ecological Assessments

  • ecological resources and site capacity
  • environmental development permit areas
  • riparian areas regulation
  • watersheds and water bodies

Watershed Scale Planning

  • integrated watershed management plans
  • rainwater management planning
  • integrated stormwater management plans/master drainage plans

Ecological Site Design

  • LEED and BuiltGreen
  • low impact development
  • rainwater management
  • ecosystem restoration
  • invasive species management

Environmental Monitoring & Construction Supervision

  • development of Environmental Management Plans
  • erosion and sediment control
  • spill prevention, response and reporting

Facilitation and Teaching

  • coordinate and facilitate integrated design process
  • coordinate and facilitate public consultation
  • workshops and lectures for professional, community and university events